Natural Products Expo West

one of the craziest events I have ever experienced!
a MASSIVE natural food, drink and products convention in Anaheim.

I wandered and ate my way through three whole days, two floors, thousands of vendors and hundreds of bites, and here are some discoveries + snapshots just for youuuu!

Top 5 Tastiest Foods I Tried:
5. Three Twins Ice Cream‘s *NEW* organic cake mixes & frostings, like the cheeky and scrumptious Hello Yellow! (about to hit Whole Foods shelves this Summer)
4. Henry’s Stingers spiced honeys! Sweet, oozy honey has been infused with chili peppers, garlic and red pepper and was being served up on apples & cheese. I want to try it on some crunchy peanut butter. SO good!
3. White Girl Salsa’s Cranberry Mango Tomatillo Salsa — it was spicy, fruity & addictive! Gave my tastebuds a punch in the gut after all of that other mediocre sampling!
2. Upton’s Naturals gourmet seitan in a variety of flavors & textures. I have known about this Chicago-based company for some time now and finally got to try their chorizo {vegan, wheat meat}. Chewy texture, not too ‘meaty’-tasting and spiced just right! I can’t wait until they have some distribution in Nor Cal and I can make my childhood favorite Sloppy Joes!!
1. Noosa Yoghurt — Australian style, made in Colorado. Delectable! I have a friend in Denver that has been raving about this yogurt for the longest time and I fiiiiiiiinally got to taste it! It is AMAZING!!! Smooth, creamy, real fruit, sweet and sinful. Aussie yogurt rules!!!

Top 3 Most Unexpected Products I Saw:
3. Newtree Piment Bar — dark chocolate with chili pepper, flax seed & crisped rice. You could see the whole flax seeds and rice inside and it finished off with a zing of fire!
2. energizing limp balm. didn’t catch the name of the company — just think the idea is a bit crazy and way over the top!
1. Sir Richard’s Condom Company & their Slut Pride campaign — nuff said

picture time:

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2 thoughts on “Natural Products Expo West”

    1. yes!! so SO good! unfortunately White Girl Salsa is only available in Colorado, Utah and New Mexi for now =/ BUT Noosa can be found in a lot of Safeway’s! Happy day!!

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