That John Denver’s full of shit, man.

soooo i finally got around to visiting my very good friend Alex in her native land of COLORADO.

we met studying abroad in Melbourne, Aus, some years back and since then have traveled together throughout Greece, Mexico, New Zealand and a few other more local destinations….Arizona, Vegas, Lodi…the likes.

i have been saying for years that i wanted to come visit her but never seemed to pick a weekend and book tickets. so, during the most fun summer of MY LIFE i decided to just do it.
I had a blast!! Spent some time in Denver, Golden, Franktown and Boulder (pre-massive-fire).
We hiked, ate, drank many many local microbrews, rolled around with dogs, went to the park, watched UP, and witnessed a car show… of course with a few tiger snoozes in between.

Colorado is a great place! beautiful! clean air. the bluest of blue skies. nice people. kind of red-neck-y. but a fun-loving, dog-friendly, laid-back kind of place!

couple of weird things:
-there were speed limit (and minimum) signs on the highway, like so
-there was a 2drink MAXIMUM at some pub we went to in denver…. NO comprendo
– i heard about a Mexican restaurant that has a 3Margarita max… again no Hablo Americano
{its like they want people in Colorado to have funnnn….BUT not TOO much fun…??} no se.

i also noticed that you need the following things to really be a TRUE coloradoan:

-a labrador/retriever
-a very large truck
-a mountain bike
-a true love for Coors light

check out my snaps: 

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