an intimate affair with a grilled cheese sando…

ive eaten at BLUE BARN GOURMET once before.
i remember it being GOOD. a bit pricey, but well worth it.
great quality, quaint barn-y atmosphere, good sized portions, and the fact that they support organic, local farmers is the cherry on top.

today, on my way home from my haircut in the Marina, wandering Chestnut street in search of a good to-go lunch i decided to revisit Blue Barn.

and holy fucking shit…sometimes there is nothing better in life than an AMAZING SANDWICH. and the one i had today was iiiiincredible and toootally satisfying and perfect in every way!!!!!!

the crusty grilled bread. the juicy heirloom tomatoes. the medley of cheeses and wad of fresh greens in the center. it dripped. it crunched. and it was large enough to require digestion breaks in between.

today’s sandwich experience goes down as one of the best EVER. No joke. i will be thinking about it for quite a while….

Blue Barn Burrata Grilled Cheese sando:

{ingredients: heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella burrata, arugula & pesto aioli}


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