My trip to ISRAEL


i am now officially closer to 30 than i am to 20.

yeah yeah, i can hear all of my 24 year old friends call me a DINOSAUR  >>flashback to my 25th bday.….yes thats me with the T Rex visor…..

But i actually feel GREAT as a 26 year old!!

someone once said: “Let us not grow old, but instead mellow, like good wine” and i agree.

AND to top it off, I had a FRICKEN WONDERFUL birthday weekend last weekend.

if you must know my actual day of birth is June4th {i celebrate my birthday for a couple weeks:} so this was a great start! everything went even BETTER than i could have ever planned; for the most part. which is rare! and not only rare, it was like 80degrees in SanFrancisco!!!!! no im not kidding!!! nice weather over the weekend was the only thing i *wished* for and low and behold, i even got sunburnt!!! A mazing

The weekend was filled with family, great friends, nomilicious food&drink, the aforementioned insaaanely nice weather and all round good times!
of course, with the good comes some bad and the weekend also included a day of being sorely hung-over, a few disappointing friends, and an overall lack of sleep, but even with that being said it was the BEST birthday i’ve had in a LOOOONG time.

so THANKS to everyone who helped me celebrate!!!

Here is mostly a food journey through the first few days of my 26year old stomach. nom.

if you notice….the quality of food over the weekend takes a major downfall as the intake in booze increases significantly…..

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