Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Traits: Geminis have a childlike curiosity. Imagine a butterfly in a big field of flowers going from flower to flower, not stopping for too long, but making sure to check everything out. They love the feeling of movement, discovery, and uncovering a fact. They’re also big story tellers.

The trip: As a Gemini, you’d love to hop on a tour bus through historic London or a cruise that stops at a different port every day. You need to experience something you’ve never seen before—something that stimulates your mind and has plenty of variety, an itinerary that doesn’t stay in one place too long and that provides a really good story for a when you get back. Geminis are very much story tellers. You’re a fact finder, a news reporter—but you like your listeners to take away their own meaning from your story. But above all, they want to get all this experience to keep life exciting. And because of this, they often live a long life.

Try: Tour vestiges of old-world New York Citysail through French Polynesiaexperience the history of Istanbul

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