table for one…

this one is a particularly interesting read for me. Eating alone: There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal with someone you love – yourself by Tucker Shaw.

i get it, i get the points being made here. {Dining out solo suggests a measure of boldness / You don’t need to take anyone else into consideration / The meal itself is company enough} but i just cannot help it. no matter what, anytime i see ANYONE eating alone, in ANY circumstance….i feel pangs of sadness and pity for them.
i think of Paul Giamatti from Sideways. i want to look away.

don’t get me wrong, i have NO issues with feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. a lack self-confidence or feeling isolated. in fact, quite often i PREFER to hangout solo, but no matter what, for whatever reasons, I will always lament those solo diners.

check please!

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