free mussels and clams?!>!!!?

Amarena is definitely one of the best happy hours in my neighborhood.

no, no, it doesn’t have FANTASTIC ambiance. or service for that matter. and now that i think about it, the whole bathroom behind a curtain in the corner is a little awkward. but what Amarena does have on Thursday nights is FREE FOOD!! and it’s good food.
traditional Italian antipasti is what they’re calling it. salads. focaccia. pastas. rices. and about half of it is meat-free.



finding a filling, tasty meal for under $10 is San Francisco is an incredible feat, so this gem is a total STEAL! they keep the sangria flowing, and it’s the type of buffet you can get 3rds and 4ths and not be judged.
















and lastnight, there was an extra special treat on the buffet table. a big dish of deliciously plump mussels and clams! i love this city.

it was quite the SAN FRANCISCO treat on a blustery summer’s eve.

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