twttr TRUTHs

great article in the Montreal Gazette: Twitter allows you to choose what matters.

I fully agree, and have been living by and preaching these ideas for quite some time now. and some people still just DONT GET IT.
but its Bruce Arthur who eloquently articulates these beliefs that i so passionately abide by.

‘The essence of Twitter, though, is that you get to choose….if properly employed, Twitter delivers a stream of commentary on whatever you find entertaining, informative, or useful.”

‘Google has probably won the search engine wars; Facebook has probably won the social network wars. I think Twitter will, too.

It is essential and useless, entertaining and revolting, thrilling and banal. It is an echo chamber; it is a way to be wired into a part of the collective hive. It is our voices, good and bad and boring as hell. It is what you want it to be. It has the potential to bind you to the world in a way that almost no other electronic system ever has.’

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