incredible video

‘Have you ever wondered what a place looks like free of crowds and noise?
Luke Shepard, a student at The American University of Paris, created a time-lapse video based on over 2,000 images of Paris to show just that.’

check out: Le Flâneur by Luke Shepard via Huffington Post Travel

“As to where the inspiration came from, it was my love for walking around Paris late at night. I have walked home from opposite ends of Paris very early in the morning after long nights out with friends, and it is always amazing. In most areas, Paris dies in the middle of the night: there is no one to be seen, the lights are turned off on all the monuments, and very few cars pass by. I feel as though this video shows this other side of Paris that I love. I feel that not everyone sees it, especially not tourists who might spend most of their time exploring the city during the day. As a night owl, this is the part of Paris I often see.”

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