wrap it up!

get your mind out of the gutter …im talking about FOOD!!

just wanted to comment on the latest food phenomenon that i am currently seeing… no, not food trucks or stupid mini-cupcakes…im talkin about new spins on the beloved BURRITO!!! Giant wraps, whether made from seaweed or chapati, are being filled with all kinds of inspired ingredients innovating every San Franciscan’s favorite meal.

Sushirrito just opened in SoMA claiming to be ‘A Fresh Way to Roll’ Sushirrito offers made-to-order, hand-held sushi burritos stuffed with savory Asian and Latin-infused flavors.

photo cred: Paolo Lucchesi

and then theres Avatar’s Punjabi Burritos in Mill Valley and Petaluma, combining Indian-inspired ingredients such as curried garbanzo beans, saffron rice & chutneys into giant rolls.

photo cred: Jason M.


in conclusion, i see 2011 as the year of the ‘rito!!

o yeah… and i think YOURE fucking played out!

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