we are food libertarians

Divided We Eat is a great article by Lisa Miller in the Nov.22 issue of Newsweek. she explores ideas of how food and classes correlate in America today.

a few excerpts….

“Even more idiosyncratic than our obsession with nutrition … is that Americans see food choice as a matter of personal freedom, an inalienable right. Americans want to eat what they want: morels or Big Macs. They want to eat where they want, in the car or alfresco. And they want to eat when they want. With the exception of Thanksgiving, when most of us dine off the same turkey menu, we are food libertarians.”

“But modern America is a place of extremes, and what you eat for dinner has become the definitive marker of social status; as the distance between rich and poor continues to grow, the freshest, most nutritious foods have become luxury goods that only some can afford.”

“Food is no longer trendy or fashionable. It is fashion.” …which makes me think of “I can’t paint. So, I cook.” ~Nigella Lawson

“And Americans have a weird notion of eating, not as shared experience like the French, traditionally, but as nutrition ― either good or bad ― and an increasingly solitary pursuit.” -SF Weekly, Bridging the Food Gap?

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