Right now is a extremely FUN time to be a San Franciscan.
Theres so much fire in the air with the GIANTS going to the World Series.

I’m SUPER pumped, and not only because i get to sport my sweet-ass Giants jacket for the Series, [ahem, its from 1994…. thats RIGHT!.. 4th grade baby!! and it JUST NOW fits me, 16years later!!!]  but there’s something in the air that’s making me especially proud to be a Bay Area native and current SF resident.

This article sheds some light into what im talkin about…

“One of the greatest pleasures of the Giants’ journey to the World Series – and the list is long – has been watching the rest of the country freak out over the routine eccentricities of Bay Area life”
“There are definitely advantages to having the rest of the country develop the false impression that your region is filled with nothing but crackpots. It seems to motivate the team. And in a roundabout way, the weird looks from the rest of the country help preserve our culture.”


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