pizza ecstasy…

Any true San Franciscan will be able to tell you that we have a PLETHORA of pizza places in this city.  And theyre not all restricted to say, the Italian district of North Beach, or the douchey late-nite bar-hopping hoods of the Marina. i could probably name at least one damn good pizza joint in each distinct neighborhood of SF.

some of my favorites from around town are Za, and Goat Hill. and of course i look forward to my weekly drunken, late-nite slices* from Extreme Pizza and/or Escape From New York.

{sadly, i still have yet to try pizza from Tammasos, Zero Zero, flour + water, Tony’sArizmendi Bakery, and probably a ton more. but optimistically, this means that there is room for my favorites list to grow!}.

ANYWAYS, there is one pizza place in particular that is just HEAVENLY to me… INCREDIBLE EVEN!
and recently a friend and I discovered an especially AMAZING combination of two special pizzas that just create one of the best meals in SF ever… EVER!

No, its not because the restaurant happens to be located below my yoga studio so that i have to stare as i pass by several times a week. or because they pretty much only focus on pizzas, so therefore have perfected the technique. or just because theyre hip by association….


its because DELFINA PIZZERIA in Pac Heights is just LEGIT BEYOND BELIEF.

theres nothing more i can say than that. you must experience it for yourself.

BUT i will share this amazing combo that i speak of.
it is achieved by sandwiching a slice of their Broccoli Raab {Star Route Farms Broccoli raab, caciocavallo, mozzarella, olives, hot peppers} + their special Purgatorio {spicy tomato sauce 2 farm eggs, pecorino romano}.

for some reason these pizzas dont photograph too well….but just take a look and imagine the possibilities!!!!! the spicy, the egg-y, the cheese-y, the chewy, the salty. and once you add toppings it’s just A-fucking-mazinG.


my next conquest is definitely the Chicorie Pie!!!   who’s comin with mee??


*these slices are not GREAT to begin with. but for obvious reasons, they are my faves while drunk.

2 thoughts on “pizza ecstasy…”

  1. Delfina is amazing. As an East Bay-er, however, I’ve fallen head over heels for Zaccary’s deep dish and Cheeseboard’s thin crust. I realize SFers don’t come to the East Bay, but if you do, there are two to check out 🙂

    1. awesome!! thanks for the heads up!
      i dont come to the East Bay to eat much, but i did just return from my first trip {and taste of} Chicago deep dish and fell in love! so perhaps i WILL make the trek for Zaccary’s!

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