I got drilled

Ive always been lucky healthy.

i have 20/20 vision. never had any broken bones. no ruptured spleens. no  UTIs. no weird moles, freckles, or spots. none of that. And to boot, Ive always had great teeth.
no braces, no retainers {even when i begged my parents because all of my friends had them}, no headgear, no night gear. never had my wisdom teeth out. no root canals. no cavities. nada. My pearly whites are so blessed that each time i see a new dentist, or dental hygienist they are shocked to find out that my teeth are naturally so strong and aligned, and that all of my wisdom teeth have grown in and that 3 out of 4 are small and straight, not to mention that i drank so much calcium as a kid that they are practically ‘stained’ white.  Oh and all of that fluoride in the drinking water in Los Gatos {where i grew up} didnt hurt either.

[and yes, i do gloat every time i get praised for having such a wonderful bite, bone and gum structures. i didnt have to do a damn thing and i have a top notch set of chompers. i know im lucky]

until now!………within the last 3 years ive gotten 10, yes TEN cavities!!!! WTF?! ive heard all of the possible outliers besides not taking care of my teeth (which is NOT how i roll): genes, weak immune system, a vegetarian diet, because i don’t floss twice a day {who does?! really, i mean does anyone on this planet – besides my dad – obsessively floss their teeth properly twice a day??} Ive even been told ‘thats just the way it is sometimes’.   !!!!

and, ok, im not going to lie. i have a sweet tooth. i add sugar to my tea. i love chocolates and desserts and sour gummy goo shaped into cute little animals. its true.
BUT its not like im caving into those desires on a daily basis. and im not obsessively snacking, nor have my snacking or eating habits changed much in the last 2, 3, 4, 8 years! and i ONLY drink soda when its mixed with alcohol!  😉

well, yesterday i went to my new Green, Eco-Friendly Dentist http://www.serenitydentalspa.com/ to get 4 cavities filled. {no this isnt 4 additional fillings, its already factored into the grand total} and let me tell you, it was quite an ordeal.

a cleaning, four fillings, a strong dose of nitrous oxide {with strawberry-scented Oxygen mixed in}, the Sex&The City movie playing in the background, countless tools and hands in my mouth, 3 hours later and i left the office totally sore, sad, and feeling like i had just come off a bad drug trip.
no really, every time i get nitrous i cry! {this only further supports the feelings of coming down from an intense drug-induced escapade. NOT that I would know…}

anyways, i documented it all. yes i did…..

as soon as the numbing set in, i was able to perfect the Elvis smirk {small feat in a challenging ordeal}
Strawberry scented Oxygen {no i did not request this. kinda smelled like a dirty head shop or hookah bar, actually} + Nitrous mix kicking in. and thanks mom for pointing out that i look like a piglet......

SATC movie helped....a little
look at that crater they dug out of my teeth!! soo sickening!

3 thoughts on “I got drilled”

  1. oooh ouchhh. nice documentation, and i love that they play a movie in the background..hm..maybe something to suggest to my dad the dentist…

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