it’s about goddamn time, right?

i know this is exactly what youre thinking.

same here. its about goddamn time i start a blog.
HI. im Kaylan. in case you didnt know, I’m already fully immersed in yelp, facebook, twitter, foodspotting, social networking etc etc etc i practically gchat in my sleep…i am a part of Generation Y afterall…ive been around long enough to develop my early  computer skills with 3rd grade afternoons on the Oregon Trail, and i clearly remember the day my dad brought home his first clunky lap top, I was on AIM instant messenger, yes when chatting was labeled as ‘instant messaging’, all leading up to opening a MySpace account {from when it was actually innovative and more popular > fcbk} to canceling my account bc it was just a target for creepy guys to send me messages and check out mediocre music, fast forwarding to 2010.  shoot i get it. Everyone has a blog….or has been pressured or interested enough to begin one and then become just another retention {or lackthereof} statistic and dropped it, or had much success in this medium and gone down in blogger history. i know. im late in the game. but for good reasons….

I have thought long and hard about it all. why do i need a blog? do i really want to publicly pour my heart out and then as my feelings and thoughts change over time, have those entries be forever timestamped and floating throughout the insanely large wide world of the web? do i care about connecting with those random souls reading other randoms’ blog excerpts??! do i even want to be labeled as a {shudder} ‘blogger’? do i really want to have the ability to express myself but in turn become vulnerable to outside critique and ridicule? (please, not like im any sort of social media celebrity, but i follow & i read ). aaaand on top of all of this im already flat out,  i mean, being an active yelper, facestalker, and overtly obsessed with art sites, foodie blogs, sustainable cpg & industry news and also now following enough important organizations, companies and peeps on twitter {ok yeah, Julia Allison doesnt fall into this category} that i depend on it for my daily influx of overstimulating information is already a lot and keeps me busy as it is. but then i think about how much i like to write {random} yet meaningful and thoughtful blurbs…more than 140 characters long. and how my website is sadly unkept and the fact that i have soo many photos that i work on & snap shots from here and there and want to be able to share those with people other than my 400+ ‘friends’ on facebook and random 200-something followers on twitter. and how many times a day can i really send links to articles and funny pics or clips to my friends via gchat while were all busy ‘working’ just for them to reply with a one-word ‘cool’ ?

welp, i’m pretty sure I’ve come to the conclusion that i want, no need a blog because im an emotional girl. i have a lot of shit to say. a lot of people and companies to criticize. a lot of food and art photos to post. there are endless amounts of random, streaming thoughts that i must must record. and no im not about to start a journal…well an actual pen-to-paper type journal, NO…but if youre thinking of a journal defined as: written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations. then yes, yes that is what this is.

so welcome.

welcome to kaylans blog.

this is me

learn it live it love it

and this is some of the random, funny, pretty, fucked up shit that i like:

with more to come……

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